Academic   background
Walter  M.  Mathews, Ph.D.

    With a degree in physics and philosophy, from La Salle College, and a master’s degree in mathematics education from Temple University, he taught at Overbrook High School in Philadelphia, and in Turkey, where he received a national teaching award. A fellowship led to an M. Phil and Ph.D. in educational administration and research from the University of Wisconsin--Madison, and a position as coordinator of research and testing for the Madison, Wisconsin, Public Schools

    Academic positions include being a professor of research and administration at the University of Mississippi, Hofstra University, Long Island University, and Nova Southeastern University; a research professor at The University of Iowa;  and an adjunct professor at Brooklyn College, CUNY.

    He has had a distinguished career as a teacher, scholar, lecturer and administrator--here and abroad, and has strong academic and international accomplishments.  He has, for example, been a Fulbright Scholar a record five times, and lived and taught in Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu cultures.

    His publications concern education research and measurement, educational management, computer applications, and social and international issues;  books include: Monster or Messiah: The Computer Impact on Society; Mississippi 1990; The Heritage Volume of the Mid-South Educational Research Association; and three volumes that collect the first seven years of his weekly blog: Potpourri.

    Dr. Mathews founded the Mid-South Educational Research Association, the Mid-South Association for Educational Data Systems, the Consortium of State and Regional Research Associations, the AERA SIG for International Studies, the Center for the Study of Contemporary Rural Women, the Southern Futures Society, the LIU Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa, the LIU Okinawa Center and the LIU Korea Center, among other professional organizations.  He co-founded The Korea Center for Education and Culture, Inc., and the Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Art Gallery Foundation, Inc., and serves on both boards. He was the founding-president of “Computers ‘n’ Kids.”

    For two years he conducted federally-funded workshops around the country on grant-writing for women using a series of books and materials he co-authored.

    He did the basic research and development of the narrative format that is used for score reports of several standardized tests, and his fiscal analysis of Long Island school districts was featured in The New York Times and Newsday.

    He was a certified securities arbitrator for the New York Stock Exchange and NASD, and now for FINRA.

    Administrative positions include department chair, assistant university dean, Dean of the Palmer School of Library and Information Science, Dean of Southampton College, and University Dean of Academic Affairs for Long Island University.

    Currently, Dr. Mathews is principal of Evaluation Associates, Inc., and a popular keynote speaker and consultant specializing in personal administrative effectiveness, and program and project evaluation.

    He has lectured in twenty-two states, and around the world, including Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka and Turkey.